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2.7.3 VC++ Video output configuration

Started by gmf, March 27, 2019, 11:19:36 pm

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I can save configurations, but I'm not able to read and load saved configurations. My fault?


If you mean saving the current output config as default settings (Ctrl+Alt+D), which writes it to defaultSettings.py in the Avidemux profile directory, a file which will be read and executed on the next Avidemux startup or anytime with Ctrl+R, then this works fine for me with 2.7.3 VC++.

Loading saved video encoder profiles within x264 and x265 configuration dialogs is broken with VC++, this has been recently reported in the German section of the forum.

Use a MinGW build (either a private one from the topic https://avidemux.org/smif/index.php/topic,18653.0.html which will be deleted by WeTransfer in a few hours or the official 2.7.2 190310 win64 one from https://avidemux.org/nightly/win64/) if you need a fully functional Avidemux without VapourSynth support right now.