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wmv files

Started by seriousgigi, October 30, 2019, 10:48:39 PM

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hi anyone knows how to cut wmv files without compressing? i can only cut the video with 'avi' selected as output and sound becomes broken after cutting also when i jump in the video it lags.


The primary problem is audio, it should work in most cases in AVI if you re-encode just the audio track e.g. to mp3. Anyway, Windows Media is a dead-end.


tried reencode audio with mp3 (lame) and all other types already but all these remove the audio. i get only video.


Work fine for me, please provide details like admlog.txt from loading wmv and saving it as AVI with video in copy mode and audio configured to be re-encoded as mp3 and from loading the resulting avi in Avidemux.