REQUEST: duplicate audio tracks (and a question about audio bitrate modes)

Started by radorn, November 04, 2022, 08:49:12 AM

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I would like to add the same track encoded in different formats (AAC-LC and Opus) to my encode, but Avidemux won't allow it complaining about them being "used multiple times" and forcing me to remove the duplicates.
It's helpful as a warning in case you did it inadvertently, but to impose it with no option to override, is not so great. Is there a reason for this? Can it be changed?

As for bitrates, particularly in FDK AAC-LC and Opus, there's only an option for specifying a bitrate, but what mode are those? VBR? CBR? C-VBR? something else?
Personally I would like the freest style of VBR, letting the encoder adjust as necessary for the highest quality possible. It doesn't make sense for me to force a more constant rate on them since my files are meant for local playback and are not constrained by streaming requirements. Just as I use two-pass for video, and the result is necessarily pure VBR, I also want the closest to that for audio.

Thanks for your attention.


AAC is always VBR.

Regarding re-use of existing audio tracks (ability to create more than a single access per track), it is on my todo list.


No, it can do both CBR and VBR, but the plugin in Avidemux which talks to the Opus library asks only for CBR.


OK, thanks for the clarification.
I'll look forward to the duplicate audio fix... and, perhaps, Opus VBR? (and AV1 maybe??? xD)

Thanks for maintaining Avidemux.