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Subtitles' color.

Started by Zing_id, December 24, 2022, 05:45:05 PM

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Hi, I am a windows 10 user and my avidemux version is 2.8.1. I have some srt subtitles that I'd wish to hardcode into some mkv file.

I already found an answer on this forum saying that we should be using Aegisubs for that but I'd wish to get a bit more answers on the matter.

Here is the links where I found some information that I can't relate to any known avidemux options that I have on my installation.


First of all I don't have any options allowing me to change the colors. It's just completely NOT THERE.

All that is really misleading - is this manual talking about some specific avidemux version I never heard of?

2) Now let me tell you this subtitler utility has just gorgeous UI - the thing I've never seen in my avidemux version as well.

Is it some kinda plugin I can install on my pc too?


Please ignore the Wiki (almost) alltogether. It describes mostly Avidemux 2.5.x which was sort of a completely different application than Avidemux 2.6 and later.

Subtitle font color is defined in style assigned to particular subtitle in the .ssa / .ass file, which is a task for Aegisub. The libass filter plugin in current Avidemux builds expects a ready-to-use .ssa / .ass file, there is no integrated subtitle editor which would duplicate (rather poorly) a tiny subset of Aegisub functionality.