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Windows / Re: Cutting short clips from MP4's
« Last post by AQUAR on Today at 08:40:11 AM »
OK, OK (sigh)... back-to-bare-trivial-reality...:

I gather from this, that you are aware of the not so trivial reality that avidemux is a simple video editor.

Avidemux with a smart copy function that works with AVC video would be like "icing with the cherry on top of the cake".
The want for lossless editing won't stop there though, we have HEVC with additional complications, and who knows what is next.
Smart copy is not just about recoding a GOP either, as you may have Closed and Open GOP structures in these codecs.

The reality is that modern codecs like AVC and HEVC are about minimizing bandwidth/size whilst preserving the viewing experience.
That objective is opposite to creating editing friendly codecs (although you could use not long GOP though).

Codec choice and their setup parameters depends on the end game: eg the type of content being captured, editing computer power, work flow, distribution and transmission, retail or private product etc.
User interface and Usability / Re: 2160p hevc m2ts
« Last post by Jan Gruuthuse on Today at 06:38:34 AM »
It all depends of your used video. If you would provide a small sample of your used 2160p hevc m2ts video.
Avidemux can handle 2160p HEVC, see:
f75d3a2            [i18n/de/ko/ru/zh] Fix some translations affected by the change in logo.ui
ubuntu HWE 16.04.3 LTS 64 bit x86 SMP, QT5, x265 version 1.9: avidemux 2.7.0 171216-64bit HWE Xenial with x265 version 1.9
Main version 2.6 / 720p AVC to 720p hevc sample video.
« Last post by Jan Gruuthuse on Today at 06:19:50 AM »
It all depends on what you want and your specs are. Prosumer or Consumer!
NVIDIA GTX 960 is capable of some HEVC en-coding / playing.

2 files, 115 MB in total ・ Will be deleted on 23 December, 2017
- 720p4audioTracks3sat.ts, source video
- 720p4audioTracks3satHEVC.mkv, re-encoded couple of seconds

Download link

Main version 2.6 / Re: Video card for encoding (maybe faster)?
« Last post by Blues on Today at 04:12:21 AM »
And I read somewhere the encoding quality is worse compared to software encoding. Plus, the card to do H.265 encoding properly in hardware costs an arm and leg. As a matter of fact, when I checked last time a few months ago it cost $20,000 at Newegg.
User interface and Usability / 2160p hevc m2ts
« Last post by terminaltrip421 on Today at 02:38:46 AM »
is there any plan to implement the ability to work with such? I get 'unable to find demuxer'. this is with the latest nightly.  I've included an info file. apparently the file has two video streams, would this require your implementing something similar to audio where you can select which video files are included? the 2160p video is my only real concern. not the various audio or other.
Windows / Re: Cutting short clips from MP4's
« Last post by hiro on Today at 01:02:11 AM »
[edit] Or may be: Hey! a GREAT new "Avidemux" option? :) Such as: recode the needed GOP only — & I suppose that would involve some kind of autosetting, in order to recode the GOP: matching precisely enough the rest of the stream...

OK, OK (sigh)... back-to-bare-trivial-reality...:



I used to struggle with this — when I still hoped :) to cut with no recoding BETWEEN (key) I-frames, "somehow"...

SOMETIMES (only), old versions of "Avidemux" and few other tools would accept. Then, the result was always several garbled frames that, moreover, messed up viewing by most players, when they wouldn't crash!

      "OK", since it's just impossible, I then found "SolveigMM Video Splitter (Business ed. or else) 6.1.1611.1" — commercial software, though! —, that's "able to cut between key/I-frames"

knowing that, in such case, it WILL RECODE a FEW frames or may be the whole "GOP (group of pictures)", but not the whole video.

Works OK on "AVC H.264 + .aac audio in MP4 contained" vids.

Now: was the result going to be compatible with another video — technically identical of course —, waiting on "Avidemux" window, to be joined with the modified one, and (still) without any recoding?

Though I expected the worst (...), it seems to works OK. But you  may always find counter-examples, I guess.

[ Had also tried "Smart Cutter 1.9x", but quite disappointing in many cases, + weirdo interface... ]

Sure hope to find an equivalent FREE tool, some day...

Windows / Re: Timed AddLogo flt. -- someday?
« Last post by hiro on Today at 12:17:11 AM »

Works perfectly (for me anyway). Thanks!

—— note · The title of this post, which reflects a mistake I made (wasn't even aware of "make partial" option!..), does NOT reflect the good work it mentions or contains.

Should be something like "Fade in/out overlaid bitmap: title, logo., etc. / PNG transparency supported". But can't be modified, I guess?.. ——

Allow to reduce opacity of logo images containing alpha channel. This prepares future work on fade-in/out feature for logos.

Can't wait!..

Windows / Re: Timed AddLogo flt. -- someday?
« Last post by eumagga0x2a on December 15, 2017, 11:59:50 AM »
Oh my...! The grammar fix pushed, I'll fix translations broken by this change later. Thank you for the screenshot.
Main version 2.6 / Re: Video card for encoding (maybe faster)?
« Last post by eumagga0x2a on December 15, 2017, 11:30:20 AM »
This is definitely possible and is working quite nicely with recent (Kepler and later) NVIDIA on Linux and Windows 10 (64 bit) on anything x86 as well as on macOS running on Apple hardware. I'd strongly recommend to use the latest nightly for this purpose.

Edit: actually, encoding works with NVIDIA on Windows 7 as well, unlike hw accelerated decoding (DXVA2) which requires Windows 8 or later, if I'm not mistaken.
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