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Windows / Re: Video MP4 AVC play failed after merging
« Last post by eumagga0x2a on Today at 10:27:53 PM »
Appending WFM at least with MKV muxer.
Main version 2.6 / Re: APPEND is broken in 2.6.21 (64bits)
« Last post by eumagga0x2a on Today at 10:23:32 PM »
Please try the latest nightly build. If the problem persists, please provide a sample.
Thank you for the samples, I can reproduce the issue. It doesn't depend on muxer. The artifacts result from the first I-frame of the appended video being dropped due to decoding timestamp (dts) going back in time.

The workaround in this particular case is to delete the last frame (it is an I-frame) of the first video prior to appending the second one:

  • Load the first video, navigate to the last frame ("END" / "E" with alternative keyboard shortcuts enabled)
  • Go to the previous frame ("LEFT"), set the marker A
  • Delete the segment ("DEL")
  • Now append the second video
Thank you. I 'll report.
Main version 2.6 / APPEND is broken in 2.6.21 (64bits)
« Last post by ivanhoex on Today at 06:50:37 PM »
hi all!

i have several h264 videos that wanted to make into a single one, and this app looked as my saviour

thing is, my videos were at 30fps, and after appending one, it was saved as 29.97, without modifying the audio (hence desynching it)
this was done using 2.6.21 (win 64bits) AND  2.6.20 (win 32bits)
also tried adding FPS filters to no output change.

i then downloaded the 2.5 (32bit) version of the app and it resulted in a 30fps video file, so, everything is good for me, but i had to come here and let you guys know, free app, powerfull app.. cant be more thankful... so trying to give a cent back as feedback

not sure what things was 2.6 doing better.. maybe audio or stuff like that.. but hopefully this file is ok now.

PROBLEM: tried to do this on the x265 files... no luck, the 2.5 version doesnt seem to work with those (reads as green/no-video)... damn.

ps. is there a newer version with this error fixed?
for now, i am re encoding the separate videos down to 29.97 and crossing my fingers that this will work (and be accepted)
Main version 2.6 / Re: avidemux does not start under Virtualbox running XP
« Last post by mean on Today at 05:48:39 PM »
i'll try disabling some hw accel to see if it helps

Please retry in a couple of days
After some weeks I have remembered the issue and have tested the newest nightly avidemux_2.7.0_r170625_win32.
It crashes reproducibly under XP with activated 3D acceleration also.
Windows / Video MP4 AVC play failed after merging
« Last post by Kelvin on Today at 05:27:54 AM »
Hi guys
I downloaded two video from youtube, format mp4 AVC. After I merge them with avidemux,  it cannot play when it gets to the latter video.

Avidemux 2.7 nightly build on Windows 10 64bit.

Two video from youtube:

You can download by youtube-dl:

command line:
  • > youtube-dl -f 138 56lXwJcBYk8
  • > youtube-dl -f 266 haXIeJNyJ_E

I attached the project file for more detail.
Windows / Re: Since version 2.6.13 merged mp4 files has artifacts on clip change
« Last post by mads on June 24, 2017, 10:58:44 PM »

Using this : avidemux_2.7.0_r170623_win64.exe


avidemux.exe --load 20170618_082246.mp4 --append 20170618_082253.mp4 --output-format MP4v2 --video-codec Copy --audio-codec Copy --save merged-MP4v2.mp4 --quit
avidemux.exe --load 20170618_082246.mp4 --append 20170618_082253.mp4 --output-format MP4 --video-codec Copy --audio-codec Copy --save merged-MP4.mp4 --quit

artifacts in both :(

sample files here:

Main version 2.6 / Re: Can't crop/trim from exact point
« Last post by topinrouen on June 24, 2017, 01:35:26 PM »
I made a typo. I meant without reencoding and not with reencoding !

The point is that if I reencode, I want to make it on a small part, so I would have to make a cut before and the problem
would be the same.
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